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Price: From $24.95 to $29.95
Manufacturer: Tapeworks Graphics
Manufacturer Part No: 6050

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Stripe Width:
Wheel Diameter:
- Chartreuse is that Greenish/Yellow color (like on the Telefonica bike)
- DayGlo Bright like a highlighter pen!

- 1 Roll contains enough striping for 4 install surfaces (1 complete car, 1 complete motorcycle, 1 complete bicycle, etc.)
- PLUS an extra strip for practice or spare
- Available in three widths: 3/8" (.375"), 1/4" (.25"), and 1/8" (.125")
- Offered in 2 lengths: Standard Rim - fits up to 18" diameter rim, BIG Rim - fits up to 24" diameter rim
- NOTE: Measure the diameter of your rim with a tape measure (a 17" car rim may actually measure 18" at the outer lip where you may be installing the stripe)
- "Steer" the vinyl around the rim

SAVE $5.00!
Purchase a Stripe-It-All™ installation tool when you order any roll of Rimstripes and you'll save $5!
We strongly recommend installing Rimstripes with a Stripe-It-All™ tool for the easiest, best installation.  The Stripe-It-All™ tool is available separately.
This $5 discount will automatically apply when both items are present in your cart.

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Stripe-It-All Installation Tool (For Roll Rimstripes) #8000
The new Stripe-It-All tool is the quickest, easiest, and most consistent way to install ROLL-STYLE Rimstripes on almost any surface. Tool does NOT include rimstripes. Rimstripes must be ordered separately. Will NOT work with Pre-Curved Strobing Rimstripes
Mr. Groovy installs rimstripes in the groove (6032-1/8-BIG Rim shown here)
8006 "Mr. Groovy" Stripe-It-All Tool - designed specifically for grooved wheels like the Z06
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 8006 "Mr. Groovy" Stripe-It-All Tool - designed specifically for grooved wheels like the Z06
Two Stripe-It-All Installation Tools: (1 Standard Stripe-It-All Installation Tool and 1 'Mr. Groovy' modified Stripe-It-All Installation Tool for grooved wheels)

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