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6109 Stripe-It-All Rimstripes • METALLIC GOLDEN BLAZED GREEN • (1 set = 1 Vehicle) • NOTE: Stripe-It-All Tool (#8000) NOT included - Order Separately

Price: From $27.95 to $37.95
Manufacturer: Tapeworks Graphics
Manufacturer Part No: 6097

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Stripe Width:
Wheel Diameter:
6109 RIMSTRIPES Golden Blazed Green METALLIC
- A great match for the 2012-2014 Kawasaki ZX14 and any Kawasaki model that is Metallic Blazed Green
- A great match to Chevy _____ Green

1 Roll contains enough striping for 4 install surfaces (1 complete car, 1 complete motorcycle, 1 complete bicycle, etc.) PLUS always an extra strip for practice or spare, and surface preparation instructions.
- Available in three widths: 3/8" (.375"), 1/4" (.25"), and 1/8" (.125")
- Offered in 2 lengths: Standard Rim – fits up to 18" diameter rim, BIG Rim – fits up to 24" diameter rim
- NOTE: Measure the diameter of your rim where you will be installing the stripe with a tape measure.  A 17" car rim may actually measure 18" at the outer lip where you may be installing the stripe.  If it measures less than 18" choose Standard Rim.  If it measures more than 18", choose BIG Rim.
- The Stripe-It-All installation tool (part # 8000) is NOT included with the rimstripes and must be ordered separately.

SAVE $5.00 when you order the Stripe-It-All rimstripe installation tool while ordering rimstripes!
We strongly recommend installing Rimstripes with a Stripe-It-All tool for the easiest, best installation.
Purchase a Stripe-It-All installation tool when you order any roll of Rimstripes and you'll save $5!
This $5 discount will automatically apply when both items are present in your cart.

We Also Recommend:

8000 - The Stripe-It-All Installation Tool (For Roll Rimstripes)
Price: $24.95
 8000 - The Stripe-It-All Installation Tool (For Roll Rimstripes)
The new Stripe-It-All tool is the quickest, easiest, and most consistent way to install ROLL-STYLE Rimstripes on almost any surface. Tool does NOT include rimstripes. Rimstripes must be ordered separately. Will NOT work with Pre-Curved Strobing Rimstripes
Mr. Groovy installs rimstripes in the groove (6032-1/8-BIG Rim shown here)
8006 "Mr. Groovy" Stripe-It-All Tool - designed specifically for grooved wheels like the Z06
Price: $79.95
 8006 "Mr. Groovy" Stripe-It-All Tool - designed specifically for grooved wheels like the Z06
Two Stripe-It-All Tools:
1, 'Mr. Groovy' Tool for grooved wheels
1, Std Stripe-It-All Tool

Rimstripes must be ordered separately:
- "1/8-BIG Rim" for the C7 Z06
- "3/16-BIG Rim" for the C6 Z06 (Call to Order)

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