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6407 Safety Strobe w/Solid Edges (Qty 1 = 1 Complete Vehicle)

Price: $44.95 All are Reflective

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Safety Stripes the easy way! Available in Reflective ONLY.

This stripe design alternates between color and black regions to give that safety enhancement to your vehicle.

- Standard Rimstripes: Roll of five 60-inch strips
- Comes with an extra strip for practice or spare
- Available in 3/8" or 1/4" widths
- Standard length, each strip fits up to 18" diameter wheel
- Stripe-It-All™ installation tool is NOT included with rimstripe and is available separately.

SAVE $5.00!
Purchase a Stripe-It-All™ installation tool when you order any roll of Rimstripes and you'll save $5!
We strongly recommend installing Rimstripes with a Stripe-It-All™ tool for the easiest, best installation.
This $5 discount will automatically apply when both items are present in your shopping cart.

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